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Meet the doers

Marko Karjalainen, Supervisor

Marko’s message to customers is that when they place an order for ship doors with Antti, they can be sure to receive high-quality products at the agreed time.

How long have you worked at Antti?

– For about 10 years.

What is your typical working day like?

– I supervise the component manufacturing department and act as the closest supervisor for 22 persons working with sheet machining and pressing. I am also involved in production planning on the basis of customer orders. I make the weekly door manufacturing production plan and enter jobs into the ERP system, which specifies what kinds of doors we make and how many.

Can you describe a project or a day at work that made you feel like you had succeeded particularly well?

– I feel successful whenever production works as planned, the agreed timelines are followed, and the team works with good motivation and a positive attitude. My team includes skilled and committed people, meaning that we can cover for someone on sick leave or work flexibly by means of for instance overtime if needed.

What is best about Antti and about working at Antti?

– I appreciate it that Antti is a Finnish family enterprise that wants to keep their production in Finland and employs local people. For half of my working life, I worked at a large international listed company, where the values were a bit different. Antti’s machinery is in a good state. We use modern technology in production. Antti also takes good care of their employees, occupational healthcare services for example are at a good level and we occasionally have nice employee events.

Why should a customer choose Antti products?

– Antti is a technological pioneer and a reliable partner. When you place an order for ship doors with Antti, you can be sure to receive modern and high-quality products at the agreed time. Our production capabilities are flexible, meaning that we can respond to for instance changing customer needs rapidly.

What does quality mean at your job?

– Most Antti doors are made for luxury cruise liners. It is obvious that the quality has to match that of the final product. We design and manufacture the doors in-house, and we even make many of the components here at the Antti factory using for example thin sheet steel type raw materials. The final product consists of some 20 components that we make ourselves. They all need to function together and meet the expectations of both the customers and the cruise ship passengers.

What do you do in your free time?

– In my free time I travel around Finland in my camper van with my family and two Shetland Sheepdogs. I have been a camper for over 30 years. During that time, I have explored Finland very thoroughly. We often go to Lapland during the autumn colours. In the summer, our favourite destination is the beautiful Finnish archipelago.

What would you be doing if you didn’t work at Antti or in the door manufacturing industry?

– I worked in the electronics industry for 23 years, so maybe I would be doing something related to that. I was involved in various production-related tasks, such as programming production machinery and acting as a supervisor.

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