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Keep your doors original with Antti spare parts

To keep your used ship doors functioning as designed, Antti Marine offers a large variety of spare parts. We have listed the most common ones here. In addition to that, we are also happy to offer other door parts and completely new doors.

For new doors and new door leaves, there are two process options

  1. To have a completely new door which does not replace an old Antti door: follow these guidelines
  2. To replace an old Antti door or an old Antti door leaf only: copy the data or take a photo of the manufacturer’s conformity label (an example below)

Send a photo of the door label

A photo helps us in identifying your door type. This ensures that you get just the right parts.

Serial Nr: typically, this specifies the door in detail (ship, client, door type


  • manufacturing date as yy = year
  • ww = week
  • d = manufacturing day

NOTE: Antti Marine is not able to offer only door leaves for doors that are originally supplied by some other door manufacturer than Antti Marine.

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Maintenance-free stainless-steel hinges.

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Necessary and compatible fixtures for Antti doors.

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Ensure the best accommodation experience with new door gaskets.

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Door eyes

Door eyes with high-quality glass lenses.

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Cover plugs

Antti Marine door frame fixing points are covered with plugs for smooth looks.

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