Antti Marine

Responsible products and solutions

When it comes to ship doors, safety and durability are top priorities

Antti Marine’s products are used on almost all the world’s seas, sometimes in very challenging conditions. It’s clear that the requirements, regarding soundproofing and fire safety, are extremely high. Antti doors have official approvals and meet the SOLAS and IMO requirements.

We want to develop our products to be more environmentally responsible in terms of overall energy consumption. In our design process, we optimize the use of raw materials for doors and the weight of the finished product according to its intended use. These measures aim to minimize both freight and ship fuel consumption, as well as raw material waste.

Our doors are made from high-quality materials and components. The goal for them is to withstand daily use even for the entire lifespan of the ship. Choosing high-quality and long-lasting products is a responsible act – this way, we can save the Earth’s limited resources.