Antti Marine

A new laser machining line for Antti

Antti is investing in new laser machining technology

Antti wants to be an even quicker and better partner for its customers. That is why we are improving our ship door production process by investing in a new AMADA laser machining line. To be commissioned by the end of 2023, this investment will multiply Antti’s laser machining capacity.

The automated next-generation laser processing machine will produce better results in less time than a traditional sheet processing machine. In other words, automation will boost our productivity, and the additional capacity provided by the new equipment will speed up our turnaround times. The laser can additionally be used in the processing of a wider and more demanding range of materials than more traditional technologies.

Meet the doers / Marko Karjalainen

Marko works as a supervisor and a production planner. He thinks that one of Antti Marine’s strengths is in-house design and manufacturing. Even many of the door components are made at the Antti factory using sheet steel type raw materials.

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Changes to Antti customer services

Antti doors are becoming more and more popular. We want our customers to stay happy in the future as well. This is why we are reinforcing our customer service organisation.

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Meet the doers / Seppo Niemi

Seppo works as a sheet machining centre operator. He makes about 150 to 200 door leaves on an average day, working carefully and without rushing it.

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