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E-hinge is the invisible ethernet cable system at sea

Antti’s innovative e-hinge looks and works like an ordinary hinge but comes equipped with online access and data transfer. This opens a variety of smart options for remote control. It’s fast to install, completely invisible, and safe from accidental damage.

For ship owners and builders, e-hinge is the safest and easiest way to get all the features of their existing online system, without the lead cover. It’s a completely hassle-free and invisible system and doesn’t carry the same risk of damage as the exposed systems they have now.

E-hinge simply takes the place of one or more hinges on a standard door.

  • Fully compatible with Antti Marine service free 2D hinge system
  • Tested according to EN 1935-10 for hinge lifetime
  • Stainless steel CLASS 4 EN 1670: 2007-03 + AC:2008
  • Ethernet cable CAT6, halogen free
  • Electrical signal max : 48V / 0,5A
  • Data transfer: 1Gbit/s tested according to ISO 11801 Class D
  • Power over Ethernet: compatible PoE Class 1-3
  • Data quality transfer, ISO 11801
  • e-hinge features: lift on / lift off system, no visible and accessible cable, door installation in any angle, door height adjustment

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