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Tips for offer request


Placing an order for cabin doors and interior doors for a ship or offshore destination may seem like a simple matter at first, but a door delivery can actually include dozens or hundreds of little details. These must be specified so that the customer gets exactly the doors they want and to ensure that the delivery and installation go as planned.

So, in order for your door project to get off to a good start, we have collected some tips for things to consider before requesting an offer. Antti is careful and serious about all orders right from the beginning. In our experience, this will ultimately ensure mutual benefit.


  1. Destination

    What kind of ship or destination are the doors meant for

  2. Door types

    Amounts, dimensions, handing

  3. More detailed door specifications

    For example fire safety, sound-proofing, Rw / R’w, surface materials, colours, etc.
    See an example for more detailed door specifications ›
    The door list is available in an excel file on request.

  4. More detailed equipment specifications

    For example lock, handle, hinges, closing automation, connectivity, etc.

  5. Delivery time

    Placing the order and delivering the doors. Things that affect the delivery time for your doors include for instance the required design work, the availability of materials and components, and the method and distance of delivery. As such, the delivery time is always specific to the order, but in general it can be said that the delivery for standard doors takes 6 to 8 weeks from the placing of the order and the delivery for tailor-made doors takes 8 to 12 weeks from the placing of the order.

  6. Delivery location

    Where should the doors be delivered to, detailed address and necessary instructions if the destination has special requirements.

  7. Method of delivery

    Requirements relating to the delivery method, for example: should the doors be delivered by type, by deck, or by area. Also include requirements relating to how the delivery should be transported.

  8. Cargo

    Free carrier (FCA) or Delivered at place (DAP) by Antti? Special cargo requirements?

  9. Packaging

    Any special requirements for protecting and packing the doors? For example maximum size and weight, package materials and markings, etc.

    Antti makes detailed documentation, technical drawings, and a mock-up or prototype for all door types before starting serial production. Dimensions relating to the door interfaces and functionalities are likewise specified before the actual production starts.


Antti wants to get things right to the millimetre. The following details will be specified in the course of the project.

Clear opening of the frame vs. access opening of the door

  • Frame clear opening: width of the frame clear opening
  • Door access opening: when the door is open at 90°, add dimension X according to the thickness of the door leaf to get the width of the frame clear opening
  • Clear opening: width and height

FW Frame clear width
PW Access (Passage) width
See more accurate details here.

Threshold height

Frame clear opening, outer dimensions, and joint details

  • Frame clear opening width and height
  • Frame dimension range: total width and height, height of header
  • Means of making the frame joint with the bulkhead and ceiling

Handing RH / LH / LHR / RHR

  • See the figures illustrating the handing and opening directions of doors


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