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There is more to door than meets the eye

Every shipowner surely wants his cabin and interior doors to look good and to reinforce impressions of a high-quality environment. Doors must also fulfil their physical task, which is closing and opening without any difficulty. There are however several factors under this surface that are worth considering before choosing your door supplier.

  1. Certified quality

    Antti has manufactured almost half of million ship doors since 1992. During this time, we have accumulated plenty of tacit knowledge. Our doors are always tailor-made from durable materials and components – according to the shipowner’s needs and the ship designer’s visions. Our doors are manufactured according to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems standards.
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  2. Service

    Good service is a strategic part of Antti’s quality level. Our service is personal and based on understanding and listening carefully to the customer’s requests. Together with the customer we can develop new features to doors. We also have the ability to react quickly.

  3. Budget and timetable

    Keeping within budget and schedule is something which is very characteristic for Antti. Experience and professionalism help in keeping our promises. Our delivery chains are also reliable.

  4. Safety

    Firesafety is a ship door’s most important attribute. All doors made by Antti are tested according to IMO’s FTPC protocol. Doors are certified according to Marine Equipment Directive modules. Antti door is always a safe choice.

  5. Sound insulation

    Cruise ships carry a lot of crew and passengers in accommodation areas. Cabins must offer comfortable facilities to rest and recovery. Door’s insulation and sealings must be of good quality. Antti doors are tested for soundproofing according to ISO sound reduction standards. They naturally meet the highest standards for Comfort class.

  6. Installation and fitting

    With potentially thousands of doors to be installed on a ship, ease of installation is crucial. A door that is difficult to install can be next to disastrous for a cabin manufacturer or an interior outfitter. The installation procedures can be improved significantly during the design phase. Close cooperation between Antti and a cabin factory or an outfitting company is a key element for a good result.

  7. Peace of mind

    Antti’s customers tend to sleep well. If there is a company dedicated to ship doors, that company is Antti.


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