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Changes to Antti customer services

Antti Marine is reinforcing its customer service

Thank you for your confidence! The demand for Antti ship doors has kept on growing. We have reinforced our organisation in order to guarantee a smooth customer service experience. Moving forward, the Antti Marine customer service personnel and their new job descriptions are as follows:

Markko Takkinen

Commercial Director
Exports and Marketing

Toni Leino

Sales Manager

Artturi Takkinen

Sales Manager
Spare Parts and Refurbishment

Minna Riikonen

Invoicing and Securities

Whether you are involved in an existing project or sailing with entirely new winds, do not hesitate to contact Antti. We are happy to serve you in all matters involving doors.

The contact details for our contact persons

Trade fairs 2024

What new opportunities do cabin doors offer in year 2024? Welcome to Antti Marine's stand at the Navigate fair in Turku and the SMM fair in Hamburg to learn more!

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Meet the doers / Maik Päll

Bending machine operator Maik Päll’s work requires extra measurements and high precision. He has to keep up the good work every day to keep the quality up to standards.

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Happy trails, Toni Leino!

Known by many of our customers, our Sales Manager Toni Leino has decided to seek new challenges after 22 years at Antti. We would like to thank Toni for all his efforts to make Antti as successful as it is.

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