Antti Marine


Maintenance-free stainless-steel hinges

Antti Marine doors are equipped with a 2D stainless steel hinge system. The system has been tested according to EN1935 with 80kg doors and over 200,000 cycles.

Our hinge system is pin supported and adjustable by height. The system allows adjusting the door height position by a screw on the top of the adjustable hinge.

The hinge system is service free. Lubrication is taken care of by the bushing in the hinge pin. Lubrication is not needed.

Antti Marine hinges can be used on all our doors no matter the delivery time of the doors.
Doors delivered before 2012 can be refitted with these 2D system hinges without extra work for positioning or fixing with screws.

Handing RH / LH / LHR / RHR

Hinges are provided with sets of three (3) hinges by handing Left and Right.

A set includes two (2) standard hinges and one (1) adjustable and supporting hinge.

See the figures illustrating the handing and opening directions of doors.

Left hand hinges

Right hand hinges


The Antti Marine 2D hinge system is pin supported, and the height position can be adjusted with the screw in the adjustable hinge. It is recommended to change all the hinges at the same time.

NOTE: The hinge washers should turn freely as the weight of the door is on the adjustable hinge pin, not on the washer.


  • Right: HINGESET2DRM5

Screws for the hinges see FIXTURES

Lead time for hinges is 1-2 weeks from confirmed order.

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