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Maik Päll, Bending machine operator

When workings as a bending machine operator you have to stay sharp every day to get the measurements and folds right.

Name and job description?

– Maik Päll, Bending machine Operator.

How long have you worked at Antti?

– For over 4 years.

What is your typical working day like?

– I do machine-assisted manual pressing. I first have to program the machine in order to ensure that edge mouldings, cases, thresholds, etc. are according to measurements. The job requires measurement and precision to get the edges and angles of the final products right.

Can you describe a project or a day at work that made you feel like you had succeeded particularly well?

– At this job, you have to be good every day to keep the quality up to standards. Making door jambs for example can be challenging.

What is best about Antti and about working at Antti?

– This is a nice place to work. My colleagues and supervisors are friendly.

Why should a customer choose Antti products?

– Simply because of the quality. All Antti door components are of good quality.

What does quality mean at your job?

– When doing manual pressing, precision and maintaining an even quality are important. You have to stay sharp every day to get the measurements and folds right.

What do you do on your free time?

– I am into music, and heavy rock is my favourite genre. I follow many bands and collect vinyl records. I have a Whippet dog called Torino, and we go to cross-country running competitions together. I also like to cook.

What would you be doing if you didn’t work at Antti or in the door manufacturing industry?

I was a baker originally, but I developed a flour dust allergy. I have also worked for the postal service, so perhaps I would go back to being a postman.

Customers happy with Antti’s operations

Every two year, Antti conducts a customer satisfaction survey with Innolink Reserch. This time the average score for all assessed factors was 4,0 which means the customers were generally satisfied with Antti’s performance. Nevertheless, there were some areas where cause for improvement was identified.

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Happy trails, Toni Leino!

Known by many of our customers, our Sales Manager Toni Leino has decided to seek new challenges after 22 years at Antti. We would like to thank Toni for all his efforts to make Antti as successful as it is.

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