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The e-hinge

The e-hinge opens up new possibilities in refitting as well

Thanks to the agile solution provided by Antti, even older ship cabins can be easily fitted with digital technologies. When a cruise ship or a car ferry is being refitted, it is worthwhile to modernise the cabin doors at the same time. The smartest way to turn an old door into an intelligent one is to equip it with Antti e-hinge and an RFID lock. The e-hinge connects the door to the ship’s ethernet network, and the lock is supplied with electricity via the hinge (PoE). After this, the cabin key can be used as an identifier, for example when the passenger buys services onboard the ship or in the shipowner’s resort.

e-hinges connect doors to ethernet smoothly

The Antti e-hinge can be easily installed in place of an existing Antti hinge. The installation is quick, and no ethernet cable will be visible. This means that no lead cover for example is needed. The end result is tidy and works reliably. The possibility of vandalism or damage to the cable has been minimised.

The e-hinge also opens up avenues into other novel options that improve safety, such as controlling the conditions of cabins via an ethernet network. For Antti, a door is never just a door. A door is a platform to which novel smart functions can be connected.

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Happy trails, Toni Leino!

Known by many of our customers, our Sales Manager Toni Leino has decided to seek new challenges after 22 years at Antti. We would like to thank Toni for all his efforts to make Antti as successful as it is.

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Spare part service launched

When your used Antti doors need care and attention you usually need some spare parts too. This is why we have launched a new spare part service on our website.

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A new laser machining line for Antti

Antti wants to be an even quicker and better partner for its customers. That is why we are investing in a new AMADA laser machining line.

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