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Superb results in customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction survey by Innolink research

Antti’s aim was to find out its customers’ satisfaction with the products and operations of the Marine & Offshore business unit. Antti’s customers took the
survey that was conducted in the form of telephone interviews and email survey in February- March 2022. The response rate was 47% (2020: 53%) and
responses came from 9 different countries. This report presents the main results of the study.

More and more customers are willing to recommend Antti

Net promoter score (NPS) has risen since the previous survey period. Customers were asked how likely they would recommend Antti-Teollisuus to a colleague or friend. The number of detractors has decreased and a total of 100% of respondents gave a rating of at least 7. The NPS score was as high as 59.

(The average for B2B companies is around 38, scale -100 – +100)


Key results

  • 54% of the respondents estimate that Antti-Teollisuus’s operations have remained unchanged during the past year (2020: 34%)
  • 24% estimates that its purchases from Antti-Teollisuus will increase during the next year (2020: 18%)
  • 32% compared to competitors’ products, the perception of the superiority of Antti’s products has increased slightly (2020: 25%)

TOP 5 – succeeding in actions

Especially the contact person’s activities, skills and communication characterize Antti’s successful customer experiences. Antti is perceived as a reliable partner whose products and services match well customer needs. Overall, customer satisfaction has increased slightly since the previous survey, although there are some differences according to the category of respondents.

In addition, Antti has been more successful in terms of responsibility than the respondents’ expectations.

(The average for B2B companies is around 38, scale -100 – +100)


“Thank you to all respondents. We are especially proud that more and more of our customers are willing to recommend us to their colleagues and acquaintances. The feedback we receive is very important for the development of our operations and we will handle your wishes carefully. We want to carry on to be a reliable and responsible partner and hope you will continue to give us your valuable feedback!”

Yes, we’ll handle it!

Markko Takkinen
Commercial Director
Marine & Offshore
Antti-Teollisuus Oy

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